Bamboo, Antipasmodic & Aphrodisiac

If one were to guess which plant alone could offer natural properties that
abound in performance and has been highly revered since early civilization, it
would have to be Bamboo! Yes! Bamboo is rich and high in silica content
allowing this amazing plant to be one of the fastest growing plants in the world.
Its benefits are astounding! It is incredibly full and rich with potassium, possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Since our bodies are constantly at work, they will tell us what we need when we are running deficient in vitamins and minerals. Some physical manifestations we may experience are brittle hair and nails, decreased libido, lack of energy caused by inflammation and/or even rhinorrhagia. We are excited to share the powerhouse properties as not only a powerful stimulant, astringent, amp and tonic medicine, but also reveal its naturally derived materials that work as an antispasmodic and an incredible aphrodisiac.
Thank you, Mother Nature!

Early Chinese Apothecaries revered Bamboo for its Aphrodisiac Properties.

Our blends whether it be in the form of tea bags or capsules are derived from the
Bamboo shoots which increase the libido and strengthen sexual stamina.

As if that were not enough to want Bamboo of our own, it also contains the natural nutrients to reduce inflammation in the human body and helps cure laryngitis and rhinorrhagia The Bamboo leaf has 10x the silica as horsetail extract which has been proven by scientific research to strengthen your hair and nails at an extraordinary rate. As we age, we lose collagen, a protein our body uses to rejuvenate skin and joints. Silica, which abounds in Bamboo, is a building block of collagen. Science has discovered that silica prevents absorption of aluminium in the digestive tract as well which may be connected to an increased risk of Alzehimers. Only Bamboo, also known as Bambusoideae, in its purest form can provide one and/or all of these benefits for our bodies and well being. We wholeheartedly believe that nature is medicine. When nature is consciously cared for and nurtured, she holds nothing back and shares her goodness with each of us. Bamboo is a natural prescription to treat, enhance and cure the above ailments.

For more efficiency and to minimize potential interactions, we recommend you only take one type of plant at the same time and leave 48h between each cure.


Do you have any questions or concerns about Bamboo? We’re happy to assist and can be reached anytime via email at

Your Siyah Organics Team

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