Kinkeliba, the Healing Plant for Digestive Disorders

Siyah Organics introduces another extraordinary healing plant: Kinkeliba, the West African super tea! In Senegal, Kinkeliba is the most popular of the bush teas and for many years, Kinkeliba’s leaves have been widely employed in local traditional medicine to treat a long list of illnesses. Africa’s French settlers were the first to bring the wonder plant to Europe and they named the tea obtained by brewing the leaves ‘tisane de longue vie‘, which in English means ‘infusion of long life‘. Today, Kinkeliba’s amazing healing powers are trusted all over the world.
Kinkeliba’s leaves
 Here is what this special and all-natural plant can do for your well-being:
Kinkeliba is one of the highest sources of antioxidants tested among herbal teas and trumps the popular Green Tea. Some of the miraculous properties attributed to Kinkeliba have been proved to be very effective against dysfunctions of both the digestive system and the urinary tract. As far as hepatic functions are concerned, Kinkeliba stimulates bile secretion, facilitating its outflow, which not only prevents gallstones from forming but also helps digestion. In addition to this liver-supporting function, Kinkeliba leaves are also extremely effective against many other urinary tract problems due to their diuretic and disinfectant action. That being said, the unique plant also helps with digestive disorders as for example slow digestion, digestive migraine, chronic constipation or irritable bowel syndrome.
Moreover, Kinkeliba is very effective against inflammatory diseases including rheumatic- or osteoarthritis-related pain and has antiviral properties that help combat infections like HSV1 and HSV2. Furthermore, Kinkeliba leaves prevent and slow down the development of cardiovascular diseases related to overweight, obesity, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, coronary insufficiency, arterial hypertension.
Kinkeliba can also be used in the beauty department. It is often recommended for a wide range of skin problems such as aging, eczema, nappy rashes, and acne because it has natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.
Here are some instructions on how you should use Siyah Organics’ Kinkeliba products at home:
 For best results, we recommend drinking one to three cups per day. Pour boiled water over one teaspoon of loose-leaf tea and let it steep for about five to ten minutes before straining it. You may then enjoy a wonderful cup of the strong, earthy-tasting tea, which is mineral-rich and caffeine-free.
 If you are not a tea fan but don’t want to miss out on the powerful healing properties of Kinkeliba, Siyah Organics’ Kinkeliba capsules may be the perfect remedy for you. We recommend taking 2 to 3 capsules per day.
Siyah Organics’ Kinkeliba products are free of pesticides, gluten, preservatives and artificial flavor.
For more efficiency and to minimize potential interactions, we recommend you only take one type of plant at the same time and leave 48h between each cure.
Please consult your doctor before using Kinkelba  if you are taking medication or if you are pregnant or nursing.
Do you have any questions or concerns about Kinkeliba? We’re happy to assist and can be reached anytime via email at
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