Mint Spicata, the Natural Gut Healer !

Mint spicata is a beautiful and unique power-infused plant. Mint spicata, often referred to as spearmint, got its name from its spear-shaped leaves. Our ancestors have used Mint for a plethora of reasons such as culinary, medical, and cosmetic purposes.

For centuries, its refreshing scent has made its way into many homes, becoming a staple ingredient in the kitchen, single-handedly adding a burst of minty flavor to any dish or drink. It is commonly used to make teas (hot or cold) but more importantly, it has been successfully integrated into daily life due to the healing medicinal properties found within it. Mint spicata contains antifungal therapies, vitamins, antioxidants, and vital nutrients and each of these properties are imperative for our wellness, wholeness, and holistic healing.

There is a myriad of research confirming the benefits of Mint spicata. To begin, research has revealed that mint helps balance stress levels and improves sleep through the menthol content within each leaf. The rich qualities of limonene, dihydrochalcone, and cineol are potent natural healers!

Limonene is one of the most common terpenes found in nature and has been proven to provide many health benefits; for instance, Limone may cure anti-inflammatory ailments because it provides the human body with high levels of antioxidants, which are disease preventing properties.

Not to mention that these same antioxidants support our bodies by acting as anti-stress therapeutics. In today’s culture, we all have our share of stress from time to time, which inevitably impacts our sleep patterns. Stress and lack of sleep may wreak havoc on our bodies and mental health. Therefore, mint spitica is a must have in each of our homes for our wellness and healing.

How can Mint provide such wellness?

Well, for starters, Mint contains flavonoids in spearmint oil, which science has shown to stimulate GABA activity in the brain. GABA is a chemical messenger in the brain. Some researchers believe that one of the purposes of GABA is to control the fear of anxiety experienced when neurons are overexcited. Once GABA is activated by mint’s flavonoids, the nerves enter a state of calm and the mind begins to relax, thus enabling improved and much-needed sleep.

Too many free radicals within the body leads to a body vulnerable to ailments and exposes the human body to enter a state of an accelerated aging process. This is not a natural part of aging nor is it normal. Mint can help combat this as a nutritional intervention in older subjects who have experienced a cognitive decline manifesting in memory loss. This is amazing news!
Scientific longevity studies have shown a plethora of research confirming that memory and cognitive function decreases 10% every decade beginning in your 20’s.

Nature allows us to reach our optimum health from the inside out naturally and without any harmful side effects. Although we cannot fight the hand of time, we can nourish our bodies with nature which is every soul’s superfood! Mint’s
properties not only boost our health but aids the body to fight against degenerative memory loss.

Furthermore, Mint supports natural detoxification and helps fight anti-inflammatory ailments such as bile duct, gallbladder swelling (inflammation), and gallstones. It relieves symptoms of digestive issues which can be mild to severe. Moreover, it helps your body heal indigestion, cramps, gas, and diarrhea. Mint is an anti-inflammatory healer that alleviates arthritis pain, lowers blood sugars, relieves headaches, toothaches and soothes sore throats! Amazingly, mint
has the ability to be used as a sedative, abortifacient, and menstruation stimulant.

All in all, mint spitica is one of the most trusted and well studied herbal medicines to date.
Supported by science, Mint has been proven to heal Hirsutism, a condition that sprouts from hormonal imbalances in women, causing hair to grow on the face, breasts and stomach. For many women, this causes a great deal of stress. The scientific reason for this abnormality is the existence of excessively high levels of the “male” hormone, androgen. Studies show that drinking mint Spitica tea will reduce the hair growth in women with Hirsutism and/or women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which is a hormonal disorder causing longer menstrual periods and excess male hormone (androgen) levels.

Mint spitica has helped generations to heal and we’d love to bring its glory to you. Order today!

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