About the Founder


“Nature is my medicine” is not only a slogan for Siyah Organics, but a true reflection of Hélène Sy’s passion for medicinal plants.

Advocating in favor of natural medicines for decades, Hélène was raised in France in a family close to nature, where she was educated very early on about the healing power of plants. Welcoming her first daughter to the world ignited her natural maternal instincts to protect her children and to connect with her intuitive wisdom. Now a mother of 5 children, she has used this innate awareness to treat and nurture her family with natural plants, gaining knowledge and training along the way.

During one of her family trips to Senegal (West Africa), she was introduced to the precious remedies that have been used by local communities for decades. This realization became a true calling to bring these herbs to a wider audience and share their healing power.

Gathering around her project the support and expertise of local engineers, scientists and naturopaths, Siyah Organics was born.

Taking respect for nature and people at heart, Hélène is committed to supporting the local workers and their families with fair employment, and give back to the communities in the form of financial support as well as herbal remedies distributed to social centers, nurseries, orphanages, villages and dispensaries. She makes sure the cycle of nature is not accelerated nor transformed, and that nature grows Siyah plants at its own pace, with no pesticides, nor additives. The result? Sustainably grown herbal supplements and cosmetics that are rich in pure ingredients, and highly efficient for your health.

"I believe in the power of giving and receiving, and I am building Siyah Organics products to be pure healing remedies that can have a lasting impact on your health."

Hélène Sy