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Collection: Bundles

Over the past few years, our team of skin care specialist carefully researched and published these plants.

Siyah then bundled both oils and soaps together for your skins benefit! 

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  • Corossol Soap x Tigernut Oil $38.00

    Calming & Moisturizing

  • Bissap Soap x Bissap Oil $38.00
    Exfoliating & Brightening
  • Moringa Soap x Moringa Oil $42.00
    Anti Aging & Moisturizing
  • Neem Soap x Neem Oil $38.00
    Skin Disorders - Anti Fungal
  • Artemisia Soap x Baobab Oil $32.00
    Skin Disorders & Anti-Inflammatory
  • Healthy Pet Bundle $80.00
    Our Healthy Pet Bundle contains a bottle of Neem Oil for Pets, a pack of Artemisia-Annu...
    Available as
  • Artemisia Lemongrass Soap x Neem Oil $38.00
    Neem Oil offers excellent healing properties, elevating symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, ...
  • Baobab Soap x Baobab Oil $38.00
    Our Baobab soap alleviates dry skin, rough patches etc. It removes dirt and dead skin c...
  • Corossol Soap x Sesame Oil $38.00
    Sesame oil works to heal skin diseases such as eczema, psiorasis and desquamation. The ...
  • Moabi Soap x Touloucouna Oil $38.00
    Touloucouna Oil contains high quantities of essential fatty acids that help to protect,...
  • Okra Soap x Okra Oil $38.00
    Okra oil reduces wrinkles, prevents acne. Helps with acne scars and reduces skin irrita...