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About Siyah

"Nature Is Our Medecine"

About Siyah

"Nature Is Our Medecine"

Our Mission

Siyah Organics has two missions at heart when selling our magical herbal products to our customers.

About Us

Our company is both Women Owned and African Owned and works to empower and educate all on the importance of our planet and the natural medicine it provides.

Siyah Organics is also both an American and Senegalese company established in 2019.

Our lands in Mbodiene (Senegal), are managed by agriculture and agronomy experts and a team of 8 full time employees + 4 to 8 monthly interns to whom we offer a free training and classes in partnership with schools in Dakar and Thies (Senegal).

Behind The Scenes

How our plants are grown

All our products are 100% organic and pure. Harvested, dried and conditioned in our lab.

Circular Economy

We provide stable jobs. We locally donate half of the plants we harvest.

Free of

Pesticides - Yeast - Artificial Flavors - Preservatives - Animal Testing - Gluten - Wheat

To ensure we deliver the highest quality of plants to our customers, we carefully choose our recyclable packaging that will protect the plant, keep everything fresh, and maintain their healing properties.

We give back part of our benefits to charities in Sub Saharan Africa (Senegal, Mail and Mauritania). We help fighting parasitic and viral diseases in Senegal distributing our products to villages, orphanages and dispensaries. We finance projects for kids and women specialized in educational and social programs.

We believe in the importance of our planet and the natural medicine it provides.