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Artemisia Annua, The Antiviral Superpower Plant

Artemisia Annua, The Antiviral Superpower Plant

By SIYAH ORGANICS Tue, Mar 16, 21

Artemisia Annua is a very special plant to us!

Siyah Organics has developed a very unique manufacturing process that allows the best selections of the purest seeds. These seeds are carefully looked over using binocular magnifiers to select them, making sure we grow the best of the best!

Artemisia Annua is one of the most powerful and natural antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory plants in the world.

Professor Hans Forssberg, member of the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine stated, “The discovery of Artemisinin has led to the development of a new drug that has saved the lives of millions of people, halving the mortality rate of malaria during the past 15 years.” 

The extraordinary plant helps treat painful menstrual cramps, type 2 diabetes, Malaria, Sickle Cell Disease, COVID-19, Lyme Disease, combats fever, and an array of other viruses (including HSV, HPV, HBV and HCV). Artemisia also assists with erectile dysfunction and other hormonal imbalances! Used as soap, it can be a very efficient treatment for all types of dermatoses and dermatitis (including eczema, psoriasis, rashes and many more). Artemisia Annua has no side effects and is absolutely non-toxic, which is a major advantage. Further research even showed that compounds of Artemisia Annua assists in selectively killing cancer cells in vitro and slow the growth of implanted fibrosarcoma tumors. 

Artemisia is also very good for your pets gut health! Sprinkling the powder into your pets food or water will help kill parasites and viruses within your pets systems. Artemisia also works as an antiviral, an immune support, and anti-fever for your pets.