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Collection: Medicinal Soaps

Siyah Organics mission statement revolves around “Nature is my Medicine”. We believe in the healing properties that our Mother Nature offers to those who seek it.

In 2019, Siyah Organics was founded and a meaningful relationship was established between our company and the community we work with in Senegal (West Africa). The relationships that we have established are very important to our company and we are always a work to give back to our Senegal family!

All of our products are tested to ensure they are 100% organic and pure and are harvested, dried, and conditioned in our lab. To ensure we are delivering the highest quality of plants, we also carefully choose our packaging that will protect the plant, keep everything fresh, and maintain their healing properties.

12 products
  • Artemisia Soap $24.00
  • Baobab Soap $24.00
  • Bissap Soap $24.00
  • Corossol Soap $24.00
  • Moringa Soap $24.00
  • Neem Soap $24.00
  • Moabi Soap $24.00
  • Okra Soap $24.00
  • Artemisia-Lemongrass Soap $24.00
  • Charcoal Soap $24.00
  • Baby Soap $24.00
  • Aloe Vera Soap $24.00


,, This bar of soap is unreal! It makes my face feel so soft and clean. I have never seen results this quickly! LOVE IT!—Zoë Z.
,, Amazing products packaging quality and shipping speed. I also recommended it to those around me—Junior K.
,, Thanks, very fast shipping. Appreciate it.—Adrienne