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Collection: New Products

Discover all natural newness, handmade to enhance your body and your skin.

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  • Laundry Bar Soap
    TOUGH ON STAINS AND GENTLE ON OUR PLANET. Made with effective natural ingredients, our...
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  • Dish soap
    TOUGH ON GREASE & GENTLE ON HANDS Made with sustainable cleansing agents, our all-n...
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  • Honey Kinkeliba Bar Soap
    ANTI AGING & MOISTURIZING Discover our selection of natural soaps, handmade to enha...
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  • Shampoo Bar Soap
    ANTI-DANDRUFF & SHINY HAIRDiscover our natural shampoo, handmade to enhance all hai...
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  • Sump Ginger Bar Soap
    SKIN REGENERATION & REJUVENATION Discover our selection of natural soaps, handmade...
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  • Artemisia Annua Bissap Bar Soap | Limited Edition
    EASES ATOPIC DERMATITIS & BOOSTS SKIN RADIANCEDiscover our selection of natural so...
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  • Aloe Vera Cucumber Bar Soap
    HEALING & ANTI-AGINGDiscover our selection of natural soaps, handmade to enhance a...
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