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Collection: Detox & Blood Purifier

The idea of detoxification has taken on a harsh light in our culture.

One of the most important pathways through which we move the toxic byproducts of our world out of our bodies, kidneys and liver.

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  • Neem Supplement
    DETOX & BLOOD PURIFIERKnown in traditional medicine as “nature’s pharmacy”, the Nee...
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  • Bissap Supplement
    WEIGHT LOSS AID & FIGHTS DIGESTIVE DISEASESBissap is a nutrient dense plant widely ...
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  • Okra Fruit Supplement
    PREGNANCY SUPPORT & HEART HEALTHOriginally used by Egyptians to treat and prevent i...
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  • Bamboo Supplement
    NATURAL APHRODISIAC & DIGESTION SUPPORTBamboo is a key herb in traditional herbal m...
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  • Corossol (Soursop) Bar Soap
    HEALING & PROTECTINGDiscover our selection of natural soaps, handmade to enhance al...
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  • Okra Bar Soap
    EASES FINE LINES & DARK SPOTSDiscover our selection of natural soaps, handmade to ...
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  • Artemisia-Annua Supplement
    ANTIOXIDANT, ANTI-VIRAL & ANTI INFLAMMATORY Used in traditional medicine for thousa...
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  • Kinkeliba Supplement
    DIGESTIVE DETOX & SUPPORTIn African traditional medicine, Kinkeliba’s popularity ha...
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  • Immunity Booster Duo - Capsules
    Fortify your body's natural defenses! Try ARTEMISIA ANNUA + MORINGA Discover our power...


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