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By SIYAH ORGANICS Sun, Mar 21, 21

Now more than ever, giving our immune system a boost seems like a great idea ! 

In the Nature kingdom,

there are many plants that are powerful allies in the reinforcement of our immune system. 

Siyah Ogranics is offering you 3 medicinal plants as IMMUNE BOOSTER AND SUPPORT.

But before telling you about them, what is the IMMUNE SYSTEM ? 

The immune system is our body’s defense mechanism against toxins, bacteria and parasites. Needless to say, a weakened immune system puts us at greater risk for contracting serious diseases and chronic infections. 

While our immune system does an amazing job at keeping our bodies safe, it relies on a healthy diet and proper hygiene to perform at its best.

A healthy diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins is essential for keeping our immune system strong. Antioxidants can help to increase our white blood cell count, which is important as they are critical for fighting off infections. By increasing the defensive mechanisms of these blood cells, as well as their protective barrier, antioxidants make it harder for toxins and germs to break through.

In general, all superfoods are great at boosting your immune system, but Artemisia & Moringa are special because of their incredible amount of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. 

ARTEMISIA-ANNUA – The 360 degrees immunostimulant 

Artemisinin is a highly effective dietary supplement that helps cleanse the body, 

boost the immune system, fight infection and contain the proliferation of harmful cells.

carefully developed and 100% natural immunostimulant is essentially composed of the active substance artemisinin, the discovery of which earned the scientist responsible the Nobel prize in medicine.

Artemisinin is obtained from the plant Artemisia annua, a herbaceous plant originally used in Chinese medicine for millennia for its ability to eliminate parasites, viruses and bacteria. Its active principle, artemisinin, was identified at the beginning of the 1970s.

Highlighted more recently, artemisinin’s anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory benefits are attracting keen interest among the scientific community.

It helps strengthen the immune system. 

But it also :

exhibits immunoregulatory properties,

It is a great ally in the fight against all types of viruses, and can help alleviate cold and flu symptoms.

It helps improve the respiratory system: it has proven effective in the treatment of bronchitis.

It alleviates physical and mental fatigue.

It stimulates kidney and gallbladder function.

It purifies the liver

It alleviates period pain.


One of the most important benefits of moringa is that it is a potent immunity booster. 

its high antioxidant content also boosts the immune system and keeps you safe from infections. 

Moreover, moringa is also rich in iron and numerous nutrients that enhance the functioning of the immune system.

From the roots to its leaves, every bit of the moringa tree is edible and packed with nutrients. 

In fact, moringa leaves contain 90 different nutrients, 47 of which are antioxidants and nine of which are essential amino acids. 

Ironically, moringa is often found in places where malnutrition is prevalent. 

Fortunately, due to the speed at which this tree grows and its nutritional benefits, it has helped boost nutrition for people living Malawi, Senegal and India among others.

To get a better view of what these incredible leaves provide :

4x the vitamin A of carrots

3x the potassium of bananas

7x the vitamin c of oranges

4x the calcium of milk

9x the iron of spinach