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Our Work

Siyah Organics grows its plants in Senegal (West Africa) in the village of Mbodienne.

Since 2011, our local community of men and women farmers has been involved in sustainable agriculture, using no pesticides, harvesting everything by hand, and focusing on the long-term vision of using the earth’s resources with respect, knowledge and care. Depending on the season, we create local jobs for 20 to 30 people, which keeps the ecosystem vibrant and improves the living conditions.


 We have the highest standards in growing our plants and manufacturing our capsules, herbal teas and soaps. From growing our plants to drying them, and packaging them so they keep all their properties, we control the whole quality process.

Our team also includes renowned European agronomists and naturopaths who have been working in Sub-Saharan countries for decades and who share our passion for bringing these exceptional medicinal plants to the world. They have conducted and published numerous studies and research on all our plants, some of which we are sharing here.

The result: we deliver to you plants with science-backed health benefits in their purest form, so they can give their powerful gifts of healing to you.

But we don’t stop there.  

Because we believe our contribution to worldwide health should start with our local community, we are also supporting our villages with health programs and distributing our plants locally to fight parasitic and viral diseases in Sub Saharan Africa.

For every purchase you make with Siyah Organics, we are able to maintain and grow local employment and give Sub-Saharan population access to healing and medicinal plants.