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Welcome to Siyah Organics

Siyah Organics comes from the vision that nature brings us all the answers we need to be healthy, and heal naturally from the power of plants.
An herbal supplement company founded by Hélène Sy, who has been personally involved in countless community projects in Senegal for the past 15 years, Siyah Organics finds its roots in Africa, where powerful plants are grown, harvested and produced for all ages, skin types and genders.
Our products are 100% natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free, pesticide-free, with no artificial flavors or preservatives. 
We seek out the most powerful and healing plants in Senegal (West Africa) with the expertise of our team of American and Senegalese scientists. The team gathers renowned Agronomists, Naturopathes, Aromatherapists and many who have studied the benefits of powerful plants and herbs.

We are currently growing 12 varieties of medicinal plants and trees with powerful and extraordinary benefits in our lands in Senegal, and the local community is working on our ultimate mission: bringing these plants to you, so we can better inform, prevent, and heal people around the world.

All the work done by our local communities in Senegal contributes to the local ecosystem and we take pride in creating job opportunities, heal local communities and promote a fair work environment for the men and women working on our lands.

We believe in a circular economy that benefits all, and we are committed to supporting the fight against Parasitic and Viral diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa by donating part of our profits to dispensaries and medical facilities, charities and volunteers who distribute our supplements for free.

We are available by email with any questions or concerns at contact@siyah-organics.com 

Nature is the best medicine and we look forward to being there for you on this incredible healing journey!

The Siyah Organics Team.